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    Note: Payments will begin August 7, 2017, see the update below!
    ACTIVE Membership Count: 6,198
    Club Balance: BTC 0.01665346
    Daily Payout: BTC 0.00033307


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Welcome to BTCFarm.org

Update 8.7.2017

We are now paying!

Thank you all so much. We have sold nearly 5,000 tokens so far and have begun paying members!


Thank you!

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Changing the future

We believe that Bitcoin Cloud Mining should consist of renewable energy sources to power server farms at high profitablity and sustainability rates.

Your money, your returns

At BTCFarm.org, you purchase CloudMining.co.in Tokens that may be used to activate memberships for Bitcoin distributions, or you may hold them to sell to other members on the Waves Marketplace (DEX).

  • Each day we pay 2.00% of our daily fund to our members in 60 second increments.
  • Memberships are perpetual.
  • 99% of funds received from token sales goes directly to purchase Genesis Mining and Hashflare Mining contracts.
  • In addition to the mining efforts, we have several projects to bring in external income sources to raise the club balance, and therefore, increase the payouts!

  • Multiple membership purchases allowed (stackable)
  • What does BTCFarm.org have to do with renewable energy?

    Once our services have achieved Phase 11 (visit https://cloudmining.co.in for details) we will be changing our focus to purchasing Wind Turbine and other renewable energy sources to provide both income and opportunity for our members.

    More information the returns and project terms will be announced in the future.

    Are BTCFarm.org holdings secured/guaranteed?

    We prefer long term, mutually beneficial cooperation with our clients. As a result, BTCFarm.org PROUDLY announces there are no risks for our members.

    Our offer

    Simply register an account, and login to see the various ways you can obtain CloudMining.co.in tokens and activate services!

    IMPORTANT! Previous members (BBCMS/CMC/BDL) should contact btcfarm.org@gmail.com to obtain replacement tokens to restore services.

    Only 1,150,000 tokens exist and there will not be any more.

    Earnings accumulate every 60 seconds and sent to your Bitcoin Address via Faucet System automatically, and then FaucetSystem automatically forwards the funds to your actual wallet. No "Claiming" or checking in required!

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